Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Title Says It All!

I remember my love for baking came from my grandma. She was a serious baker and made some seriously good stuff. She is hands-down the one who taught me how to bake from the time I was five years old. The first thing I ever baked were most likely Christmas cookies with her! I believe that is why I love baking so much now.

I also love incorporating nutritionally awesome foods into my life. I take care of my body by running and eating healthy. I like to keep it natural. My biggest loves in life are running, nutrition, and....baking. Oxymoron? A little.

My sensible choice of career is a diet nutritionist but my rendezvous-esk pursuit is to be a baker. As of late, I have seriously been considering switching my sights to baking fully. My hopes are that I can balance the two career paths into one deliciously healthy super job!

I will be baking things that are yummy, healthy, experimental, and standard. That does not mean that it will be completely compromised of the sinful side of things....I bake regular stuff too.

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